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Graduation Requirements

Mission Statement: RESPECT Diversity, CHALLENGE to Grow, INSPIRE Contribution, BUILD Community
School Personnel:
Principal Sean O’Donnell, ext 9229
Asst. Principal/AD Chantelle Jordan, ext 9224
Secretary Rebecca Aucoin, ext 9244
Secretary Nicole Sanchez, ext 9221
Counselor Mark Thompson, ext 9226
Registrar Krisha Doocy, ext 9225
Schedule: PSHS is on a full- block schedule of four classes in the Fall and four in the Spring. Each class is worth 1 credit.
Graduation Requirements: All students must earn 28 credits in the following areas:
English 5 credits
Math 3 credits
Science 2 credits
Social Studies 3 credits
Computer Technology 1 credit
Physical Education 2 credits
Electives 12 credits
College Admissions:
Generally, looking at several past graduating years, about 65% of the graduating class attend college. Typically,
the breakdown is 50% attend 4-year schools and 15% attend 2-year schools. Of the students attending college,
just over half usually are in-state.
Honors Program: Our honors program and Concurrent Enrollment courses are designed to help students who need stronger academic challenges within our core curriculum. Concurrent Enrollment is offered by Pueblo Community College, Colorado State University—Pueblo, and Western Colorado University.  For the 22-23 school year, there are 3 Honors courses and 5 Concurrent Enrollment courses. For the Honors course, an honors designation is made on
the transcript.
Advanced Placement:
AP has been offered in the high school beginning in the fall of 2017. In the fall of 2022, the following AP Courses
are active: Statistics, Chemistry, Language and Literature, Biology, and US History
Class Rank/Grading Scale:
Class rank is determined on the basis of percentage grades and includes all courses. PSHS has not used
weighted grade point averages in the past but began weighting AP courses starting in the fall of 2019.
Grading scale in effect beginning September 2019:
Percentage: Unweighted: Weighted (AP Courses):
100-90     A           4.0                            5.0
89-80       B           3.0                           4.0
79-70       C           2.0                           3.0
69-60       D           1.0                           2.0
59-50       F            0.0                          0.0