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Graduation Requirements


All students must earn a minimum of twenty-eight (28) units of credit and complete four (4) years to be considered eligible to receive a diploma from Pagosa Springs High School. Graduation requirements will require students to not only pass classes to accumulate credits, but to also prove their competency in the four core areas of language arts, mathematics, science, and social studies. Under the new graduation requirements, students will follow courses of study or pathways based on their interests and career goals as developed in each student’s Individual Career and Academic Plan (ICAP). Students will also be required to participate in a minimum of one extracurricular activity per year and pass one Advisory period per year at Pagosa Springs High School.

Institutions consider a host of factors in making admissions decisions, often described as a “holistic” approach. Specifically, admission for first-time freshmen mainly include the following factors: high school GPA, test scores (SAT or ACT), academic course mix and rigor, and additional considerations such as internships, leadership, volunteering, etc. Colleges and universities will provide an average range of GPA and SAT/ACT scores for students they admitted.

Four-year colleges in Colorado know that academic preparation, especially in English and math, will make students more likely to be successful in college. HEAR details the recommended number and subject area mix of high school courses students should complete which will make them more competitive for admission. Further, students who challenge themselves with additional rigor will strengthen their application even more.

Meeting HEAR does not guarantee admission. It is always recommended that students contact the admissions office at institutions they are considering attending for more information.

High School Academic Area Number of units
Language Arts 4
Mathematics (Algebra 1 and higher) 4
Natural/Physical Sciences (two units must be lab-based) 3
Social Studies (at least one unit of US or World History) 3
Foreign Language 1
Academic Electives 2

Higher Education Admission Recommendations do not apply to community colleges. For more information, visit